Thursday, 29 October 2009

the little one, an extension of me.

She was born 3 years, 3 months and 5 days ago today. She was like an angel. I could not believe how beautiful she was. Needless to say she is so precious, so special to both me and her dad.
I will be talking much about her on this blog, simply because my world revolves around her. We are only apart for 2 sleeping hours in a week when i am away to work. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! She is an extension of me. I could not imagine not having her in my life now. It may sound like a cliche but she completes me and her dad.
She is slowly blossoming into a very clever and confident little girl. Very recently she started school, there's no doubt, she is one of the most curious and wittiest in their group.
We have 'falling out' moments, she could be most difficult sometimes and she makes unbelievable mess in our house, but what the heck! She is a toddler.
Her dad wrote a song for her when she was a baby that goes something like...

now that I've found you
there's nothing i want more
now that i have you, there's
nothing i wish for.....

so sleep little one
and let me smell the scent of caramel
in your hair, in your hair....
She sings it along with her dad now.

Her name is Tala Amadea Ronquillo Nunag, the love of our lives, our daughter., write? no thanks.

I knew that writting is one of the most clever things to do (aside from reading!) I never thought for a second that i'll be able to write (a passable one) until recently...a few months back i started to do social networking on the internet as suggested by one of my high school friends..I started to enjoy it, made the creative juices in me flowing, it made me more interested in food, photography and music which made me happy especially to realize that i have the very same interests as others.
My sister, who is a brilliant writer has encouraged me to start my own blog but I am not convinced that i have what i takes...
I braved my way to starting this blog. Run-of-the-mill it could be, but i just got to do it. I'll keep in mind that this is self expression more than anything. I'll let myself be me, no pretenses.
I grew up admiring my dad and eldest sister for their passion for reading. Unfortunately, I don't share this quality. Write? well, i am an absolute amatuer! but let's just say, i'm hoping to see this blog evolve.
I am taking this shot, no matter what. Here it is, my very first post.


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